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Sodding Care Instructions

When sod has been installed, start watering immediately!

Proper watering is vital to the development of your new sod. During the first week, your goal is to have the sod and the soil underneath completely soaked – it is virtually impossible to water too much during this period. As a general rule, water at least 3 times per day in this crucial first week. Watering times should be approximately 25-30 minutes. In particularly hot or dry weather you may want to increase these watering times. If you notice water starting to puddle, cut back on the watering time. In the second week, cut back the watering to 1-2 times per day. The goal is to slowly allow the soil to become firm. This will allow you to begin mowing by the end of the second week, but only at the highest setting. After three weeks, your sod should have rooted and you begin a more normal watering routine for your area.

How frequently and how long you water will depend on the temperature and weather, and how quickly the lawn dries after each watering. Remember, you goal in the first week is to have the sod and the soil beneath it moist at all times.

After your sod is installed.
? It is vital that you stay off the sod for at least 2 full weeks.
? You can mow after two week but only with the mower at the highest height. Never mow more than ½ of the height off the grass.
? Fertilize your new sod 3 weeks after it has been installed; then follow your local lawn care company’s advice.
? Be aware of your pets. Urine spots and trampling on soft sod may cause significant damage.

Sod Has No Warranty
? We inspect all of our sod. When it was installed it was healthy.
? It is your responsibility to irrigate and care for your sod.
? For the first weeks, follow these watering instructions. After the third week, consult your local lawn care company for advice for annual treatments and daily care of your new lawn.
? If you have questions, feel free to call us at (816) 246-4489.

Lawn Care Hints
Blue-gray spots in the lawn – These areas have wilted because of a lack of water. Water this area by hand until you can provide proper coverage with your sprinkler system.

Sod not taking root – In 10-12 days your sod should have begun to sprout many roots. If this is not the case, make sure it is receiving the proper amount of water. If your sod is in a shady area it may develop roots more slowly. Most sods need at least 4 hours of direct sunlight to root successfully.

Brown spots – Brown spots can be caused by many different problems, including pets, lack of water, areas not rooting properly, or fungus. The majority of the time these spots are caused by a lack of proper watering. You can check this by poking a screwdriver into an area of healthy grass, and then into the brown area. If the screwdriver is more difficult to push into the brown area, you can be assured it is a problem with the watering.

Mushrooms – These are common in lawns receiving a lot of water. Don’t worry about them. When you reduce the amount of water they will disappear.

Various gaps – Gaps are caused by a lack of water. If sod is not properly watered, it tends to shrink and gaps appear. If you catch this in time and provide enough water, the sod she re-expand and the gaps will go away.

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