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Our “No Netting” Guarantee

In our quest to provide our customers with the best quality product, we at Austin Farms Sodding, Inc.
offer all of our sod with a “No Netting” guarantee. We believe that most consumers, given the option,
would rather not deal with the mess and stress of the layers of netting found in most sod on the
market. In the interest of educating our customers, let us take a moment to explain to you why
netting is something to be avoided.

Rolls with netting are only half grown. Our sod takes between 16 to 18 months to be ready to harvest. That means that over a year and a half of care, attention, and resources have gone into every roll you purchase from Austin Farms. It takes this long for the root structures of the grass to
fully grow and bind together to form the strong tear-resistant rolls that we sell. With netting, however,
other growers are able to artificially hold the grass together and make it ready to harvest in as little as 8 months. Essentially, if a consumer buys a roll with netting they are buying half grown grass.
We at Austin Farms don’t believe that this is in the consumer’s best interest.

Sod with netting has many other disadvantages as well. Often, when sod with netting shrinks and expands the netting becomes loose and can be visible in the grass. Nothing is less appealing than looking out over your newly installed yard and seeing tufts of plastic mesh sticking up through the grass. Furthermore, if you even have to dig in any part of your yard, it can be very difficult to get through the two or more layers of net found in most sod. The risk of it becoming entangled in your tools, lawnmowers, or even pets should be considered.

We decided long ago that the best way to provide value to our customers is to give them the highest quality product possible. By not allowing the use of netting in any of our sod, we believe we are able to accomplish this. We encourage all of our customers to call around to other installers and ask them if their sod has nets, and if so how much of that savings from the lower quality gets passed on to the consumer. Chances are, you will find that Austin Farms not only provides the best quality grass, but also that we have comparable prices for double the quality.

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