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Our Process

The Austin Farms process is designed to provide a simple and efficient way for our customers
to order their new sod. Simply call our office at (816)246-4489 with the basic measurements of the
area that you want sodded, the type of sod that you would like, and directions to the site. If you are
uncertain about the dimensions of the area, or if you have a specific budget that might limit your
purchase, we also offer estimates that can help narrow down your specific needs. Our office staff is
very knowledgeable and eager to help you find the exact product and services that you might require.

After you have placed your order, the office will give you an installation date and a roughly estimated
price. From there, your order will get handed over to our grade crew, who are fully equipped tohandle virtually any ground preparation job.


Our grade crew will typically arrive the day before the sod is to be installed to prepare the ground. If the property needs to have elevation adjusted we will use a bobcat, and if smoothing is required we will utilize our boxblade. Austin Farms does guarantee drainage on yards if we complete the rough grading with a bobcat. Furthermore, we guarantee that there is a proper amount of distance between the top of the sod and the bottom of the siding on the home. This ensures that there we will be no unnecessary wear and tear on your you home or your new turf. Regardless of the method, when the grade crew leaves you will have a smooth and level patch of ground that is perfect for newly installed sod.

Shortly after your property is graded, our sod crew will arrive and begin installing your new grass.

Installation of your new grass

Most yards only take a few hours to install, and by the time they leave you will have a beautiful green lawn.


It is vitally important for you to begin watering your sod immediately after it has been laid, as this will greatly improve the chances of successful growth.

Typically, Austin Farms is able to complete this entire process in as little as 48 hours. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a high quality product and service in a streamlined process for our valued customers.

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